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Declaration of Principles


The people who integrate H NEHRER CONSULTORIA EM GESTÃO collaborators team, in any level of the organization and with any type of professional relation with the organization, assures its commitment to perform its duties and responsibilities with the highest professional standards, acting with ethics, honesty, veracity, accuracy, discipline and confidenciality, taking care of to the interests of our customers with the best of its efforts and contributing for the increase of the prestige and credibility of H NEHRER CONSULTORIA and of its consultants. To reach these standards we compromise them to follow the rules to follow.


Rules of Behavior


  • Analyze the contract with the customer and to determine its capacity to take care of to the objectives and established requirements, immediately informing the difficulties and limitations that we may have to take care of to the objectives and contractual requirements.

  • Propose the execution of procedures or methods of work for which we are fully capable, preventing to assume tasks in knowledge areas where our technical knowledge it is not brought up to date or we do not have the necessary experience. We can propose other professionals or specialized companies adopting all the possible precautions so that the solution is the best one for the customer, independent of relations of friendship, personal or commercial interests.

  • When acting in cooperation with other professionals or suppliers, this linking must be of previous knowledge of the customer.

  • Our works must aim at to reach the better performance for the customer, transferring to him all the necessary knowledge to the perfect continuity of the services implemented, never holding back elements or keeping reserve on knowledge that would be important for the customer to become independent of the consultant.

  • To adopt all the measures necessary to assure the confidentiality with relation to the activities and all customers data, including in the guard of documents and data gotten during its activities.

  • To respect the cultural standards and the policies and organizational directives of the customers, interrupting the contract whenever these oppose ours ethical principles and ours personal and professional conscience.

  • The consultant does not have to impose or to try to impose its own principles and believes to the customer, but to look ways for his development based on the existing objectives and the organizational culture.

  • The use of privileged information obtained during the consultant work is forbidden as form to get personal advantages or to offer professional services.

  • The use or reproduction of any material of training or document of property of the customer or H NEHRER CONSULTORIA is forbidden, without previous authorization.

  • The use of the H NEHRER CONSULTORIA Trade Mark or logo is forbidden, without previous authorization, to sell services of consultancy or training.

  • We act always as a representative of H NEHRER CONSULTORIA, acting to prevent to give the impression to act on our own account and always to consult the Direction of the Company in the case of doubts on how to act or in the interpretation of this Code of Ethics.



Rules on Conflict of Interests


  • When working for customers who are in the same branch of business, being competitors between itself, or still giving services in areas of similar nature, such situation must be clearly informed for our current customers as well as for the potentials customers.

  • In the cases where we get involved in the development of projects of exclusive characteristics, we must obtain the consent of the current customer before acting in a competing company and, after finishing our contract, we must agree on a time frame before we accept a work of similar nature in companies in the same business branch..

  • The customer must be communicated on the existence of personal or professional relationship that can influence in decisions related to the act of contracting services or equipment.

  • It is forbidden to accept or to receive, directly or indirectly, personal advantages of any nature coming from persons or companies who have any commercial relation or is a competitor of our customer.

Rules of relationship with the Society


  • To always observe the rigorous fulfillment of all the applicable legal requirements to our activities.

  • We do not get involved in activities or public behaviors that can mean conflicts of interests, or can affect our impartiality or distort the professional image of H NEHRER CONSULTORIA.

  • When using themselves of ideas, projects and knowledge elaborated from others, we shall make it clear the origin and the credit, preventing to pass the image that these ideas had been developed by our consultants.

  • The marketing of H NEHRER CONSULTORIA services always will be carried out in ethical and true way, being taken care of not to raise any suspicion of offering doubtful benefits or other less worthy forms of performance.