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Strategic planning


In a world where the only certainty is the change, how to assure the survival of the organizations in long stated period? The process of strategic planning search to identify the possible scenarios to happen in the future and with this to determine which is the optimum positioning of the organization in these future scenes, directing its action to maximize the performance.

Using tools as study of scenarios, model of Porter, matrix SWOT, method of Pine for definition of the strategic positioning, among others, it is possible to formulate strategic objective to be reached within a horizon of compatible time with its activities and its market.

But to only formulate strategic objectives is not enough. Studies shows that the majority of the organizations does not reach its strategies due to a combination of factors as plans badly formulated, resources badly applied, imperfections in the communication and limited responsibility for results. Plurianual results rarely corresponds the projections. There is a gap between the unfolding of the strategies and the allocation of resources. With this the annual operational budget finishes by guiding investments and strategies instead the other way around.

Our model of strategical planning includes the unfolding of the strategies between the different areas of the organization until the level of action plans. And later uses a tool that allows to the monitoring of these action plans and the periodic critical analysis of the results achieved, allowing, if necessary, the reformulation of the strategies in a proactive way, what we call Strategic Administration.

Our company has already contributed for the process of strategic planning for organizations of the most varied fields and sizes, such as oil production, petroleum products distribution, banks, educational institutions, generation and distribution of electric energy, non-profit organizations and heavy construction industries.