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Performance Measurement System


One of the fundamental concepts in management excellence is that the decisions are taken based in facts and data. To turn this into a reality it is necessary that the organizations develop a system of indexes that measures the performance of the organization in the strategic, management and operational levels. This system of indexes is called the Performance Measurement System, some time also called Control Panel.

The indexes of the strategic level correspond to those used to monitor the strategies and for this we use methodology based on Balanced Scorecard, developed by Kaplan and Norton. For the indexes of the operational level we use the processes monitoring indexes and for the management indexes we use a combination between indexes unfolded from the strategies and indexes that promote the performance improve of each sector of the organization.

Our company has already assisted companies of different sizes and business sectors in the development of its indexes system, having given more than 80 courses on this subject involving more than 1,000 participants.