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Open, in company and e-learning courses always including the presentation of concepts and practical exercises:




1- System of Integrated Management ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 - duration 16h


  • Introduction the management systems;
  • Definitions and involved concepts;
  • Environment System Management ISO 14001:2004;
  • Safety and Occupational Health Management System OHSAS 18001:1999;
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000;
  • Integrated Management System: the common elements.

2- Introduction to the ISO 9001:2008 - duration 16h


  • Objectives of a quality management system;
  • Process Approach;
  • Structure of ISO 9000:2000 Family of standards;
  • General View of the ISO 9001:2000;
  • Documentation Requirements;
  • ISO 9001:2000 Requirements and main alterations in relation to the ISO 9001:1994;
  • Audits based in processes.

3 - Management Model based on the Criteria for Management Excellency of the Quality National Award Foundation - duration 16h


  • Model origin;
  • Fundamentals of management excellence;
  • The management diagram;
  • Unfolding of the fundamentals in the excellence criteria;
  • Analysis of each one of the requirements contemplating:
    • What it is demanded;
    • Examples of management practices that takes care of to the requirement;
    • Cases studies on how to implement these management practices.
  • Strategies on how to implement this Management Model.

4 - Formation of internal auditors ISO 9001:2008 - duration 16h


  • Basic concepts;
  • Processes Approach;
  • Documentation of processes;
  • The ISO 9000:2005 standard;
  • The ISO 19011 standard - Guidance for auditors;
  • Script of an audit;
  • Performing audit activities at the auditee installation;
  • Nom conformity Report;
  • Audit Report.

5- Formation of internal auditors Integrated Management System - duration 24h


  • Objectives of an audit;
  • Management System;
  • Processes Approach;
  • Main requirements of the management systems standards;
  • Principles of audits;
  • Management of an audit program;
  • Script of an audit:
    • Planning;
    • Check lists;
    • Documentation analysis;
    • Performing audit activities at the auditee installations.
  • Follow up of Corrective Actions;
  • Abilities required for the auditors.

6 - Examiners formation of the Criteria of Management Excellency of the National Quality Award - duration 16h


  • Management Model based on the Criteria of Excellency;
  • Management Diagram;
  • The Management Excellence Criteria;
  • Grading System;
  • Stages of the evaluation process

7 - Examiners formation for the First Steps for the Excellency - duration 16h


  • Management Model based on the First Steps for the Excellency;
  • Management Diagram;
  • The Firsts Steps for Excellency;
  • Grading System;
  • Stages of the evaluation process.

8 – The Management Report construction to participate in the National Quality Award yearly cycle - duration 16h


  • Management of the Organizations in the processes approach;
  • Management Model based on the Criteria for Excellency Management Excellency;
  • The Criteria of Excellency;
  • Use of the Criteria of Excellency in the modeling of the management of the organizations;
  • How to elaborate The Management Report.

9 - Management by Processes - duration 16h


  • Concepts basic on processes approach;
  • Use of indexes in the processes control;
  • Processes control;
  • Processes improvement;
  • Models for processes management.

10 - Strategic planning - duration 16h


  • What is strategy;
  • Types of strategic planning;
  • Strategies formulation;
  • Unfolding the strategies within the organization;
  • Administration of the planning cycle.



11 - Performance Measurement System - duration 16h


  • Concept of global performance;
  • Indexes classification;
  • General view of the measurement system;
  • Project of the control panel;
  • Cares in the choice of the indexes;
  • Benchmarks selection;
  • Unfolding of the control panel for the different organization levels;
  • Uses of the control panel;
  • Performance Critical analysis process.

12 - Use of performance indexes in the management - duration 16h


  • Management of the Organizations in the process approach;
  • Indexes role in the management;
  • Criteria of election of indexes;
  • Management of indexes.