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The new ISO 9001:2008

It was published in 28/11/2008, with validity from 28/12/2008, the new version of standard ISO 9001 “Systems of Management of the Quality - Requisite”. Certification ISO 9001 is used by organizations of the public and private sectors as form to increase the confidence of customers and of the society in its products and services, to increase the confidence between partners in the commercial relations, and the selection of suppliers in supply chains. Over 1.000.000 (a million) certified organizations ISO 9001 exists in the whole world (numbers of the IAF - International Accreditation Forum).

This revision 2008 was baptized by TC 176 (Committee which is responsible for the ISO 9000 series of standards) as amendment, which means alteration (and not revision) . The objective is to tranquilize the users that great changes do not exist, only more clarification in some requirements and more compatibility in the structure with standard ISO 14001:2004.

The companies already certified will have one (1) year to adjust its management systems to the new ISO 9001:2008. As the alterations had been small it is considered that this stated period as enough. Inside of two (2) years all the certificates that make reference to reference the ISO 9001:2000 will lose the validity.

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